Saturday, September 14, 2013

Roots 2013...Power of food

With legendary Farmer Lee Jones

Sunday, September 8

Roots 2013 first day started!

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Here we were at The Vegetable Institute at The Chef's Garden. It's the venue for the 2-day big conference for the chefs, journalists, and people in the food & wine industry. The first impression I had when I entered the Chef's Garden was really all about its beauty. The farm is so big, and so beautiful. I could even feel its spiritual power. We had a very nice breakfast including the smoothie of freshly harvested kale and berries from the farm. It was super.

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There were 3 presentations today. Each one was really interesting and I learned so much.

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Lunch was New Nordic Cuisine by Chef Claus Henriksen, who flew in just late last night from Denmark! All the dishes made with the freshly-harvested vegetables from the farm were simply gorgeous. I love his carrot cake, too.

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Real farm-to-table lunch. Awesome.