Monday, September 16, 2013

Roots 2013...Native American Feast By The River

The longest communal table I've seen!

Sunday, September 8

The evening of the first day of Roots conference was something really special.

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From The Chef's Garden, we walked through the woods to a wide spread field by Huron River.

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There were almost 150 people of us, who gathered for this special evening. We did a group was taken by a photographer on a crane!

After the already super awesome passed hors d'oeuvres and aperitifs, we sat down at the one stretched table and the feast has began. It was a special Native American Dinner, created by the top chefs of Native American Cuisine. They prepared this meal all day, and even dug a big whole on the ground to make a pit to roast meat, etc.

 photo IMG_1719_zps53d3113b.jpg  photo IMG_1723_zps5bca17f7.jpg  photo IMG_1722_zpse7e54fa8.jpg  photo IMG_1729_zpsdb13165c.jpg  photo IMG_1728_zps12eb859d.jpg  photo IMG_1734_zpsfdbe1793.jpg  photo IMG_1735_zps44706be6.jpg  photo IMG_1736_zps05e618e8.jpg  photo IMG_1742_zpsdcf29836.jpg  photo IMG_1741_zps194bd837.jpg  photo IMG_1739_zps5fa0e828.jpg  photo IMG_1745_zpsc46a144a.jpg  photo IMG_1744_zpsc9822fc8.jpg
Course after course, it was as if I was dreaming. Every bite was so magical and really special. I fell in love with all the dishes which really showed the power and meaning of the food. I wish I could take pictures of all the dishes. I was too busy enjoying the food!

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After the dinner, we took a tram back to the garden and enjoyed campfire and s'more!

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Truly powerful night...I feel so honored.