Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Summer with Santa Maria BBQ Grill

Our Santa Maria BBQ Grill works so hard in the summer time. We enjoy grilling and eating in our patio so often during the summer.

These are from our past couple of dinners...

 photo file_zpsd44f830f.jpg  photo IMG_1122_zpsf936774d.jpg  photo file_zpsee7e02b3.jpg
Fourth of July dinner party. We did 4 racks of baby back ribs in 2 different flavors (homemade miso sauce, and apricot paprika) for a main course. I made many other dishes but I was too busy to take photos. Only one more picture, which is taken by a crab, white beans & avocado salad.

 photo IMG_1817_zps7b1e0e88.jpg  photo IMG_1158_zpsb51200c6.jpg  photo IMG_1160_zpsc235d463.jpg  photo file_zps40913791.jpg  photo IMG_1149_zpscb6f07c3.jpg  photo IMG_1155_zps4864bdf4.jpg
Grilled fish night. Appetizers included poke made with fresh ahi from Hawaii, herloom tomato marinade, baby potato & grilled asparagus salad, and roasted eggplant dip. Hew.

 photo file_zpsb57c6895.jpg  photo file_zpsd39976ec.jpg  photo IMG_1174_zps3b5a3d63.jpg  photo IMG_1178_zpse28ad572.jpg
The main course was Stripe Bass, which weighed 4 pounds! It was so fresh and so heavy. I stuffed its belly with mixed herbs and grilled both sides. It came out perfect!

 photo IMG_1175_zpsbf1be059.jpg  photo IMG_1125_zps417f0031.jpg  photo IMG_1181_zps2ffb4049.jpg
Side dishes were sautéed shishito peppers & shimeji mushrooms over charcoal grill, and corn rice which was cooked with my double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san". Dessert was homemade matcha honey ice cream.

 photo IMG_1835_zpsc55b4da8.jpg
Leopard-look grilled branzino, the next day.
Non-stop grilling and donabe cooking this summer.