Monday, July 15, 2013

Donabe cooking class report...Summer Shojin Class

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Now, here's the report from my last Saturday's Donabe & Japanese Cooking Class. The theme was Summer Shojin Dishes. "Shojin" is  Japanese Buddhist-style temple cuisine and it's based on vegan diet. Shojin cuisine is not only a base of Japan's kaiseki cuisine, but also has influenced Japanese home cooking deeply. Here are some photos from the class as well as from my test kitchen.

 photo file_zpse99c7a2f.jpg  photo file_zpse259104b.jpg
After a short presentation about shojin cuisine and today's menu, we all got down to work to make 5 dishes!

 photo file_zps47283ff3.jpg  photo file_zps7469cbcc.jpg  photo file_zps4e8f7e3a.jpg  photo file_zpscf095e7e.jpg  photo file_zps984d2917.jpg  photo file_zpse76fdbf5.jpg  photo file_zpsb8aad381.jpg
The star dish of shojin cuisine, "Goma Tofu". It's a sesame jelly, and requires some techniques and lots of patience (long labor of grounding sesame seeds)!

 photo IMG_1055_zps35775f69.jpg  photo IMG_1025_zpsc90f1c4d.jpg  photo file_zps7a78f6cc.jpg
Summer "Yaki Nasu" (grilled eggplant) with grated mountain yam.

 photo file_zpsf60cf7a2.jpg  photo file_zps07354248.jpg  photo IMG_1253_zps58ba433d.jpg
Spinach "Goma-ae" (tossed in ground black sesame sauce), and donabe ginger corn rice.

 photo file_zps83a88a70.jpg  photo file_zpsd2ee715d.jpg
"Yu-dofu" (simmered tofu hot pot) was cooked in Kyoto-style shallow donabe, "Kyoto Ame-yu".

 photo file_zpsa8d5d9d2.jpg  photo file_zpsb370158f.jpg
Great fun to cook all these dishes. After everything was ready, we sat down and enjoyed all the dishes with wine. I was so happy to hear everybody loved everything and they complimented how delicious the meal was and definitely want to try them at home.

Here's the menu:

Donabe and Japanese Cooking by toiro kitchen


Theme: Summer Shojin Dishes
Date: July 13, 2013

Sesame Tofu (“Goma Tofu”)
Grilled Eggplant Salad (“Yaki Nasu”)
Spinach in Black Sesame Sauce (“Horenso Goma-ae”)
Simmered Tofu Hot Pot (“Yu-dofu”)
Ginger Corn Rice

Wine Selection

2011 Van Volxem, Saar Riesling (Germany)