Thursday, May 9, 2013

Iga-yaki Grill Recipe...Grilled Seafood with Ponzu Sauce

After the meaty "yakiniku" night, we decided to do grilled seafood.
With Iga-yaki grill, "Yaki Yaki San", we can enjoy table-top grilled seafood dinner with very easy preparation.

Here's how we do our Yaki Yaki San seafood.

 photo file_zpsb2aa3424.jpg  photo file_zps23d74dcf.jpg  photo file_zpse6085dbc.jpg  photo file_zpse16e66df.jpg
First, get the ingredients to cook on "Yaki Yaki San" ready. Sashimi grade salmon (sliced and seasoned lightly with salt), jumbo shrimp (tail on), calamari legs, cut asparagus, baby bell peppers, and enoki mushrooms.

 photo file_zps44adbca3.jpg  photo file_zps3f18d4c2.jpg
Sauce and condiments. Homemade yuzu ponzu with grated daikon, lettuce wrap, sliced scallion, daikon sprouts, garlic, and lemon wedges. Very simple.

 photo file_zps63791cd7.jpg  photo file_zpscd9da19f.jpg  photo file_zpsed95f292.jpg
Get "Yaki Yaki San" ready by pre-heating and brushing oil on, and start grilling. Lightly-seasoned jumbo shrimp.

 photo file_zps3dbcd443.jpg  photo file_zps9f2b807c.jpg
Calamari legs and vegetables.

 photo file_zps0379a03f.jpg  photo file_zps3df3c5b6.jpg
Salmon sashimi slices are grilled to rare. It's good in a lettuce wrap.

This Iga-yaki grill, "Yaki Yaki San", which is made from ancient clay doesn't release smoke, and it does a nice and calm grilling. I love it so much.

Happy donabe life.