Monday, May 6, 2013

Home "Yakiniku" Dinner with Iga-yaki Grill

A friend came over and we did a family-style grilled meat ("Yakiniku") dinner at home. With our Iga-yaki grill, "Yaki Yaki San", we can do smokeless table-top "Yakiniku" dinner at home. It's so easy and so much fun.

 photo file_zpsd4902bb1.jpg  photo file_zps9af1a975.jpg  photo file_zps72c5693c.jpg  photo file_zps294185a1.jpg
We got 4 kinds of meat ready...beef tongue (lightly marinated in salt, pepper, sake, and sesame oil), prime "kalbi" short rib slices (seasoned with salt and pepper), beef tri-tip slices (marinated in soy-honey sauce), and pork belly slices (marinated in salt, pepper, and sake).

 photo file_zps622c6a14.jpg  photo file_zps1ada44ac.jpg
Different kinds of sauces (apple miso sauce, ssamjang, and sesame soy sauce) and condiments were prepared.

 photo file_zpsb35b1eed.jpg  photo file_zpse11841af.jpg  photo file_zpse64ae77c.jpg  photo file_zps1e5fdb03.jpg  photo file_zps421f1f40.jpg  photo file_zps5633f123.jpg
Once some oil was rubbed on the grill top, we just kept grilling and eating. This grill is made of 100% historic Iga-clay, and it does a quiet and effective cooking while releasing virtually no smoke. You can find my basic "Yakiniku" recipe with "Yaki Yaki San" here.

To keep the grill top clean (and for easy cleaning at the end), between every batch, I just place a few ice cubes on the grill top and wipe with a paper towel. That's it.

We had a nice big meal.
Happy donabe life.