Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Donabe Cooking Class Report...Spring Nourishing Dishes

On May 4 and May 11, we hosted donabe cooking classes with the new theme, "Spring Nourishing Dishes".

We had wonderful guests who brought really nice energy both dates.
In this class, we made 5 different dishes with many seasonal ingredients. All dishes are made in donabe!

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Steam-roaste kabu and asparagus with yuzu-kosho vinaigrette. The texture of donabe steam-roasted vegetables are always so special. With the sauce made from yuzu-kosho and yuzu juice, the dish brought a nice refreshing accent.

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Stewed hijiki salad. We used long hijiki seaweed ("naga hijiki") in the class, and cooked with burdock root ("gobo"), dry shiitake mushrooms, fried tofu pouch ("abura-age") and carrot. This dish tastes wonderful whether  warm or cold.

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Sake-steamed clams. I got really big and beautiful clams which came from Washington State. The broth was rich in sake and all the juice from the clams and finished with white soy sauce ("shiro-shoyu"). Everybody drank up the last drops of the broth!

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Simmered chicken and tofu in daikon sauce. Organic jidori chicken was marinated in shio-koji overnight and pan-fried before being added to the sauce. The sauce is mostly grated daikon and a little dashi stock. For the seasoning, I also used rice vinegar for accent.

 photo file_zps33af04ee.jpg  photo file_zps295a7c43.jpg
"Shirasu" baby fish and wakame seaweed rice. Very seasonal Japanese dish. Baby anchovy ("shirasu") came from Shizuoka, Japan. The dish was finished with sliced shiso leaves...shirasu, wakame, and shiso are golden combo.

Here's the full menu.

Theme: Nourishing Spring Donabe Meal

Steam-roasted kabu and asparagus with yuzu-kosho vinaigrette
Stewed hijiki salad
Sake-steamed clams and broccolini
Simmered chicken and tofu in daikon sauce
“Shirasu” baby fish and wakame seaweed rice

Wine Selection

2011 Weingut Salomon – Undhof, Stein.Terrassen, Riesling (Kremstal, Austria)

Happy donabe life.