Monday, June 2, 2014

Back in Japan (May 2014)...Lunch with High School Girl Friends

On a sunny Sunday, I got together with old friends from high school for lunch.

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We were classmates for the junior and senior years of high school. We met at an Italian restaurant called, Frick, which is located in's like right in the backyard of our high school and university. Our school neighborhood is full of stylish restaurants and shops. Frick is a casual Italian in a small dining space and open kitchen. Their homemade focaccia is very good.

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Zuppa: Baby onion capuchin with sautéed calamari.
Antipasto: Bonito carpaccio with seasonal vegetables.

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Pasta: Spring cabbage and baby anchovy spaghettini.
Secondo Platto: Cacciatore with sautéed seasonal vegetables.

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Dolce: Omelet cake with tangerine ice cream.
Wonderful lunch! I love Tokyo-style Italian so much. And the best of all, I had a great time with my old friends. We just chatted and laughed the whole time. Friends are so precious.

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Here are other looks of Omotesando...there are often very old school and very progressive are side by side. From our restaurant window, I saw a long line of mendicant Buddhist priests. Then, right after lunch when we walked to a main street, there was a big march of pro-marijana campaign.