Saturday, April 20, 2013

Super Izakaya Night...Fried Chicken Cartilage ("Nankotsu Karaage"), Handmade "Ju-wari" Soba, etc.

A friend of mine, who is a soba maker, just returned from Tokyo and came to our place for dinner. She showed up with a lot of gourmet foods from Japan, as well as her freshly-made "Ju-wari" soba noodles, made from freshly ground soba flour from Japan. "Ju-wari" means 100%, so this style of soba is made from 100% buckwheat.

So we did a fun izakaya night.

Yes, I made more "karaage"...and this time, I found Chicken "nankotsu" (cartilage between breast meats) cuts at a Japanese market. So, I was really excited and made a Chinese-style fried chicken.

 photo file_zps5f9b6d6d.jpg  photo file_zps370b4d5d.jpg  photo file_zpscf7f13bf.jpg  photo file_zps68bc155e.jpg
For the batter, I also used Chinese five spice and whole egg. Once they were fried, I served them simply with lemon wedges. They came out really good, with the thin crispy breading and nice crunchy texture. I love chicken "nankotsu" so much!

 photo file_zps9345feae.jpg  photo file_zpsf902e6b2.jpg  photo file_zpsfae18fae.jpg  photo file_zpse694db1b.jpg  photo file_zps8069e498.jpg  photo file_zpsfe74ae11.jpg
I also fried her leftover end cut soba noodles. They make such a nice snack. We also had some special ikura (salmon roe) from Hokkaido, fava bean miso, natto kombu, etc.

 photo file_zpsa28b3286.jpg  photo file_zps619a4dc2.jpg  photo file_zpsefe76dce.jpg
With a big tarako (salted cod roe) from Hokkaido, I quickly fixed a dish with avocado, Tokyo negi, and irizake. It was so nice with Junmai Ginjo "Tamajiman" from Oume, Tokyo, which she also brought back from Japan.

 photo file_zps85bbc975.jpg  photo file_zps465e60c2.jpg   photo file_zps804d0c71.jpg  photo file_zps02b504e7.jpg  photo file_zpse0ba957f.jpg
Then, we had the special soba time. Her handmade "Ju-wari" soba was superb! We enjoyed with dipping sauce and some ground walnuts from Niigata, Japan.

Fantastic night.
Thank you, Sonoko-san.