Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Donabe Dinner in Sonoma...We did it again!

On our 2nd day in Sonoma in this trip, we cruised around the beautiful sceneries.

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For lunch, we stopped by at a cute pizzeria. Asparagus pizza was really nice.

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Before heading back home, we stopped by at Seghesio for tasting. I enjoy their old vine Carignane.

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We got done with all the shopping, fed their giant tortoise, and started getting ready for dinner. We invited gourmet friends for a donabe meal. Kyle and I cooked for 9 people!

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The guests were real hard-core gourmands. They brought some really special stuff to share with us, including Jeffrey's matsutake mushroom moonshine (aged for 2 years), and Kevin's kasu-zuke marinated Santa Barbara uni and scallops. Insanely delicious.

 photo file_zps227efc41.jpg  photo file_zpsf6e22bc2.jpg  photo file_zps7985eb65.jpg  photo file_zps38a12613.jpg  photo file_zpsf2d0d914.jpg  photo file_zpsebf76d87.jpg  photo file_zpsf3d6d3be.jpg  photo file_zpsc3241fdc.jpg  photo file_zps174bbf6d.jpg  photo file_zps65af7562.jpg  photo file_zps2adef772.jpg  photo file_zps02d339db.jpg  photo file_zps19bea277.jpg  photo file_zps339c3f18.jpg
I was so busy cooking and didn't get to take pictures of all the dishes we are photos of some of the dishes. (Nice photos, including the top one, were taken by our friend, Jody Eddy...thank you, Jody!)

We did more than 10 courses! It was a real Happy Donabe Family moment.

Happy donabe life.