Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This summer's hit Hiyashi Chuka...with Soupy Sesame Sauce

Every summer, one of the dishes I enjoy eating is Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Chinese-style noodle).  There are so many different styles of Hiyashi Chuka.  Different noodles, toppings, and sauces.  I've made a wide variation of Hiyashi Chuka myself in the past years.

This year, the big hit at home was Hiyashi Chuka with Soupy Sesame Sauce.
To make the sauce for 2 servings, I simply whisk together 1T sesame paste, 3T soy sauce, 1.5T raw brown sugar, 2tsps  black vinegar, 1T sake (once boiled), 1C Chinese-style chicken stock, 1T lime juice, 1tsp la-yu (hot chili oil), and 1tsp sesame oil.

Then, enjoy the noodles and sauce with whatever the toppings I feel like for the day...such as shio-koji marinated steamed chicken tender, boiled egg, daikon, radish, seaweed, scallion, cilantro, etc.

I especially like it with extra homemade chuncky la-yu on top.