Saturday, June 23, 2012

Early summer miso-making

Miso-making process is quite therapeutic to me.  Sometimes I just feel like making miso.  We have many batches of miso in our basement.  I used to make miso only in the wintertime, because it's conventionally understood that slow fermentation in the winter makes better miso.  But, I learned that summer miso making is also good and you can benefit from the warmer temperature and have a good kick start of fermentation (as long as it's not too warm).

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We've already made a few batches of miso this month in different ingredients ratios.  This was our standard style.

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Because it's early summer miso, this will be ready to eat in as early as 6 months.  But, I will wait for 12 months or so anyway...I have a lot of older batches of miso to finish (current oldest is 2 years).

I also made koji-heavy white sweet miso recently.  In this batch, the ration of Rice Koji to Soybeans is 2:1.  This will be ready in about 6 months also.

You can find the entire process of miso-making in my older blog post linked here.