Sunday, June 24, 2012

Donabe Cooking Class Report...Miso-making!

Non-stop miso-making this month and I love it.  On Saturday, we hosted a miso-making class.

The class started with learning about miso and tasting of different types of miso.  We also tasted some of our homemade miso.

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The guests were then divided into two groups to work on making miso from scratch.  Team A made miso with steamed soybeans in pressure cooker, and Team B made it with slow-simmered soybeans (4 hours simmering).  When everybody was pounding the soybeans, it was like a Japanese taiko drum competition!

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Everybody got their own handmade miso to take home to ferment for the next months.  I was so happy to see them enjoying making miso very much!

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After the hard work, we had miso-themed lunch, by using our 2-year-old homemade miso.  The appetizer was miso-marinated tofu and eggs with wasabi.  They were so good with Hakkaisan, Tokubetsu Junmai (from Niigata).  Main course was Ishikari Nabe (salmon and vegetable hot pot in miso-based broth), followed by ramen "shime" course.

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Everybody had my "surprise" homemade miso desserts at the end of the class.  I made Saikyo Miso Ice Cream and Miso & Walnuts Cookies.

Here's the full menu:

Theme: Art of Traditional Japanese Miso Making
Date: June 23, 2012 

Program and Menu

Introduction to miso
Tasting of different types of miso
 with fresh vegetables
Miso-making from scratch
Miso themed dishes
Miso-marinated tofu and eggs
Ishikari Nabe (Salmon and vegetables hot pot in miso based broth)
“Shime” ramen noodles

Sake Selection
Hakkaisan, Tokubetsu Junmai (Niigata, Japan)

Happy healthy donabe life.