Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making Azuki & Sweet Potato Onigiri (rice ball) with Donabe

Another onigiri (rice ball)...
With double-lid donabe rice cooker, KAMADO-SAN.
This one is mixed rice onigiri.

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I made Azuki (red beans) and Satsuma-imo (Japanese satsuma yam - sweet potato) with KAMADO-san. Here's one of my recipes. This time, instead of making it wiht mixed kinds of rice, I made it simply with brown rice. Also, since I had so much used dashi kombu (kelp) from making tons of dashi stock for Osechi Ryori (Japanese New Year dishes) past days, I put a piece of used dashi kombu to infuse a slight aroma of it in the rice.

For this, I made round-shape onigiri and finished with a sprinkle of black sesame on each one. So tasty.

To serve with the onigiri, I made pan-fried steak and roasted kabocha.

Happy donabe life.