Monday, May 2, 2011

Korean udon and Japanese udon

One day in Koreatown.

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The other day, I had lunch at Myung Dong Kyoja, which is a LA branch of a popular restaurant in Seoul. We ordered the same dishes as I had in Seoul...Mandu (pork and vegetables steamed dumplings) and kalguksu (Korean-style hand-cut udon-like noodles). Both were good and very similar to what I remember from their Seoul location. But, I tasted both LA versions of kimchi and mandu were extremely garlicky!! I had to brush teeth more than a few times after I came home, but I could still taste the garlic in my mouth until the next day.

Last Saturday, after shopping at Torrance Farmers Market, we stopped by at Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden for lunch. It's a Japanese soba and udon restaurant. Tiny place with a self-order counter and a few tables.

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I had cold tororo & mozuku udon (grated mountain yam, slimy seaweed, and quail egg). Jaosn had chicken udon in hot broth. My broth had the mild vinegary flavor, which was refreshing. Very rustic and nice quick lunch.