Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip to Washington D.C….Cultural experiences and Dinner at PROOF

The second day of this trip was the only full day to spend in DC.

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Since it was my first time to visit the capital city, Motoko took me on an afternoon bus tour! Her friend, Misa, also joined our afternoon activities. It was so nice of them (who are the locals) to do such a touristy thing with me!

We had such a fun time. I totally enjoyed being a tourist.

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We were going to see a play in the evening, so we had a pre-theater dinner at a local wine bar. It was a place called, "PROOF", which is popular among locals. They had a nice wine selection, and I was also quite impressed by the food there. Their house-made assorted pate and crispy sweetbread were especially good.

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I was nicely tipsy after the dinner and was so looking forward to see the play which Motoko booked us seats for. The venue was a historic Lincoln Theater, which was originally built in 1922, and has been a center for African American culture. The play we saw was called Loving Him is Killing Me. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. The cast was all African American, and the audience was also 100% African American except for us!! They were all dressed up so nicely. They must have thought why those two small Asian girls (us!) were in the crowd. Or, they probably thought we came to see Tyson Beckford...well, he was indeed super hot! (Sorry, Jason.)

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Right next door to Lincoln Theater was DC's another iconic place; Ben's Chili Bowl. It was already around 11pm but the place was so packed! I was really interested in trying their famous chili dog, but I was still too full from the dinner. They looked so huge! We just picked up a few dogs to take home for Motoko's husband. I want to try it next time!