Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miso Work - Our homemade miso developments

It was time to check our miso babies again.

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All Japanese ingredients (including premium "Toyomasari" soybeans from Hokkaido), made in January 2010. It looked and smelled fantastic! It's nicely matured and finally ready.

This one is a real baby miso, which was made in November 2010 with all Japanese ingredients. Only 5 months old. The color is still light and you can see the grains of rice koji. We stirred the miso upside-down so that it will mature evenly.

This is our first "all American ingredients" miso, made in September 2010. The soybeans are organic Laura Soybeans from Iowa. The miso was aging very nicely, and it tasted so mild and nice. What a nice surprise! I want to let it age at least for 5-6 more months until I make them ready to use.

From March 2010, made with all Japanese ingredients. This has also very deep flavor and tastes really great. Mmm...we couldn't stop snacking on it from the bucket.

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And finally, our first batch, made in September 2009, had its finale. We've been enjoying it so much past months, and I was so sad that it was almost gone! For the last cooking with this miso, I made a simple daikon & shimeji mushroom miso soup, with my soup & stew donabe, "Miso-shiru Nabe". It tasted so special that I almost cried.

Happy miso making and happy donabe life.