Friday, September 24, 2010

Trip to NYC (September 2010)...Dinner at Tartinery

2nd evening in NYC...

I came back to the hotel room to meet up with my friend (whom I came along and she had to work full day) and her mom (she also came to stay with us from San Jose). We got ready and left for dinner.

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We went to Tartinery in Nolita. It’s a relatively new restaurant, which specializes in French tartines. Our reservation was 7pm and the space filled up soon after. It’s a casual bistro and most dishes are good for sharing.

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We started with “non-French” appetizers. Buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes, and Iberico jamon. Both were quite generous portions. Iberico jamon was especially nice.

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Tartines were quite big. Every tartine comes with a bowl of salad. We had ratatouille, crottin (warm goat cheese and frisee), and house-made foie gras with sea salt and fig jam. Their bread is from the famous Paris bakery, Poilane. They were really good tartines.
Wines are mostly casual-style and the selection is not big. It was a good meal, and I thought it’s a nice place to stop by for a snack or meal.