Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Power vegan donabe supper

Vegetables are so delicious.

Who said vegan dishes are boring?

I actually didn't plan to make it vegan, but I just prepared what I wanted to eat, and there they are. These are all vegan dishes, but not "Shojin" (Buddhist vegan), because I used ingredients such as scallion and garlic.

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I'm so addicted to the slow roasted "umami" tomatoes. I knew my kitchen was going to be so hot, but I made another batch of slow roasted tomatoes (3-3.5 hours), and they came out gorgeous. I didn't use the olive oil this time, and they came out more concentrated in umami flavors and the flesh was even softer. The aroma was incredible.

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This time, I made the plain donabe rice, then rubbed a thin layer of my special miso sauce (made with my homemade miso), covered the sauce with the herb mixture (scallion and cilantro), topped with the "umami" tomatoes and young ginger, then drizzled my homemade "chunky" la-yu.

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AMAZING rice bowl!! This one dish can make a full meal and make me happy.

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But, I did make two other dishes to serve with the rice. Simple daikon and mizuna miso soup was also wonderful. I mean, miso soup made with my own miso is just so special and the best. It was cooked in the soup & stew donabe, "Miso-shiru Nabe". I can't do my soup without this donabe. I also made the steam-fry tofu steak with the tagine-style donabe, "Fukkura-san". With the effect of FIR (Far-Infrared Radiation) of this donabe, the tofu became so fluffy and very nice.

I finished everythin...what a wonderfully humble power dinner!

Happy donabe life.