Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trip to Hawaii (Oahu - July 2010)...Lunch at Mitch's Fish Market

We are back in Hawaii. Our main purpose of this trip is to attend the wedding of our dear friends in Maui. Before flying to Maui, we spent our first night in Oahu.

As soon as we got to Honolulu Airport, our local friend picked us up and took to his sushi restaurant, Mitch's Fish Market for lunch! This is my favorite sushi restaurant in Hawaii, and I was so excited to be back there.

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The lunch was truly amazing. We had a plate of assorted sashimi, including live New Zealand lobster, live awabi (abalone), miru-gai (jumbo clams), hotate (scallops), o-toro (fatty tuna), hamachi (jumbo clams), salmon, etc. They were the freshest premium quality. We also drank sake and felt really good.

So nice to be back in Hawaii. Mitch's is the best!