Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip to Hawaii (Maui - July 2010)...Final dinner at Mama's Fish House

The day on the beach was a lot of fun. Time flew so quickly.

In the evening, most of the guests of the wedding gathered again in the ocean-front garden and we enjoyed each other's company over wine and appetizers.

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Later in the evening, 5 of us went to Mama's Fish House for dinner. It's a historical ocean-front seafood restaurant in the North Shore of Maui. On the wall inside of the restaurant, you find the pictures of so many celebrities who dined there in the past 30+ years. All fish in "today's fish section" of the menu are fresh-caught, and they even list the name of the catcher by each fish.

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After the amuse-bouche (ginger tomato soup), we had Moelua (Goat Fish) Cheviche and Spicy Squid with Wasabi Sauce.

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Hana Ono (caught by Daniel Goldberg) - Hawaiian Style...with baked Hana banana, slow-roasted pork, lomi-lomi tomato. Molokai Sweet Potato, tropical fruit, coconut milk and Mama's fresh poi. I was so happy that the fish itself was simply prepared (pan-fried) and it was so fresh and flavorful. It was a nice dish, although the price wasn't so reasonable ($45!). I also had a taste of Crispy Kalua Duck, which one of my friends orderd, and thought it was very nicely prepared, too.

I was glad our final night of the trip was very Hawaiian-style.