Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let's make homemade tofu...Japanese homemade tofu kit is here

I am so happy to announce that we have a new product in our line up!

This is our first non-donabe (or non donabe-related) product. It's Japanese homemade tofu kit. Homemade tofu tastes the's nothing like the often rubbery commercial packaged kinds.

The wood press and lid are handcrafted from the finest Japanese cypress wood ("Hinoki"). The kit also includes 100% cotton straining bag, 100% cotton pressing cloth, 12 packets of natural nigari liquid, and full English instructions.

You can order it from toiro's website. Please visit the product page for more details/ for order.

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I've been crazy about making my own tofu. I find the process is very simple, and the result is amazing. You can find more about my tofu making experiences in this blog. Please click here to find the homemade tofu-related entries.

Hope many people will start making their own tofu and enjoy the healthy life!