Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trip to Hawaii (Oahu - July 2010)...Dinner party at friend's house

On the first night, we stayed at our friend's house in Oahu.

He and his family live in Ahuimanu, which is situated in the eastern side of the island. The view from his house is breathtaking.

For us, he hosted a dinner party with local-style BBQ, and so many other wonderful dishes. His local friends also came over and we enjoyed a big feast together.

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Oysters from New Zealand were so sweet. We also had the grilled oysters.

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BBQ beef kalbi (short ribs), cha-shiu pork, and kalua turkey.

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More sashimi, miso-marinated broiled butterfish, South African sausages, and Hawaiian cakes.

We also drank a lot of wine (and guys were drinking a lot of Scotch...they emptied a few bottles!).

What a feast, and what a fun night! Big mahalo to their most generous Hawaiian hospitality.