Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beef and lettuce salad with kochujang apple sauce

I had some leftover beef tri-tip slices and Kochujang apple sauce from Yaki Yaki San grilling dinner, so I made this very easy salad. The dish was made from all the leftover ingredients from the previous night's Yaki Yaki San dinner, except for the donabe steamed eggs. It's almost like a "deconstructed" grilled beef lettuce wrap!

First, I marinated the beef with some Kochujang apple sauce for 30 minutes. Then, I pan-fried the beef and served over the lettuce and cherry tomatoes. The remaining Kochujang apple sauce was poured to the dish and served.

It was so delicious that I want to make it again as an "official" appetizer (by getting the ingredients just to make this dish) next time.