Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back in Japan (March 2014)...Local sushi night

On a final night in this stay back in Japan, we went to our regular sushi place in Urawa.

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Lots of seasonal small dishes.

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We had 5 kinds of sake among 3 of us!

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I lost count of how many nigiri I had...all were great. I will miss sushi in Japan until next time.

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The final meal before returning to LA was soba lunch in the neighborhood. Urawa is full of handmade soba and unagi restaurants, so I love going to different places. At this place, they make soba noodles from freshly ground buckwheat flour (by a large stone mill set by the entrance) every day. I had their"Ju-wari" (100% buckwheat) soba with shrimp tempura and egg. Super nice. Again, I will miss something so simple and so good like this until I next time.

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I returned to LA safely and unpacked immediately. As always, I came home with so much stuff! Besides the items I came home with, I actually have 2 more boxes which were shipped separately and will arrive soon.