Sunday, March 9, 2014

Back in Japan (February 2014)...Elegant Kaiseki Lunch with Sparkling Sake

I met an old friend of mine for lunch in Meguro on a sunny day.

 photo IMG_1376_zps48bc3b1a.jpg  photo IMG_1379_zps496725f3.jpg
It's a beautiful former residential house, which was turned into a restaurant. They serve elegant kaiseki-style cuisine. We started our lunch with Nagai Sake's Mizubasho Pure. It's a sparkling sake made in Champagne method. Really clean and beautiful.

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One after another, small individual courses were very seasonal early spring treats in elegant ceramics.

 photo IMG_1384_zps072aab8e.jpg  photo IMG_1386_zpsc54572df.jpg  photo IMG_1392_zps6c180e22.jpg
More courses in lacquer bowls. The rice was Iga rice cooked in donabe! We had the Iga rice in 3 ways. First, they served the rice from the very center of the donabe. It's the most delicate and soft part. Then, we were served more rice after it was mixed in the donabe. The lids were turned over and also used as serving bowls. How nice.

 photo IMG_1395_zps361aa495.jpg
 photo IMG_1390_zps85f7f006.jpg
The third rice was "ochazuke" style (hojicha tea poured over rice), with the guji fish and miso topping. It was very light and perfect as the last savory course. The dessert with the matcha was also perfect.

My body was feeling the beautiful early spring.