Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Back in Japan (May 2017)...Unagi Festival!

Tomoko and I had some errands to run in Urawa, then we bumped into Annual Unagi Festival.

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Urawa is famous for unagi (eel) and boasts dozens of unagi specialized restaurants in the city. The mascot character of Urawa City is Unako-chan (eel girl, created by late Yanase Takashi, the famous cartoonist who created Anpanman), and the city host a big eel festival every year.

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We stopped by after running an errand, to check out what's going on. Grilled skewered eel was so good.

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Eel masters.

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There were so many other vendors besides unagi, too. So, we enjoyed a little bit of everything.

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Then, I found my favorite local ramen joint, Tori-soba Issa, among the vendors! I got Hiyashi Tori-soba (cold chicken noodle). So good.

 photo IMG_6869_zpsgfetwtit.jpg
I got to take a photo with Unako-chan!