Friday, June 9, 2017

Back in Japan (May 2017)...Terroir Al Limit wine dinner with Dominik Huber

On my final evening in this stay, I got to join a special wine dinner with Tomoko. My long time friend and wine mentor, Etsuko (she is now a renowned wine journalist in Japan) and a wine importer hosted a special wine dinner for Terroir Al Limit with the winemaker Dominik Huber.

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It took place at Argile, a very stylish modern French restaurant in Ginza. The first segment was a lecture by Dominik himself. He is a very serious wine maker and he talked for a long time!

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Finally, we had a toast with a beautiful L'Origan, Cava Brut Nature. The amuse was carpaccio of prawns with caviar, shiso flowers and tomato gelee.

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Red pepper mousse with sesame espuma.

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"No pie" quiche with mushroom soup topping. Boudin noir with macaron with boudin noir extract filling, and bacon rolled green beans. Sake-lees marinated mana-gatsuo bonito poiree with orange beurre blanc, cauliflower sauce, parsnip puree and sea grapes, fava beans and corn silk.

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Decadent lamb burger! We were instructed to first press down the buns with palms, then enjoy. It was so good.

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And, of course, the wines were fantastic. We had the following wines. Dits del Terra was served from double magnum bottle!
2013 Terra de Cuques (95% Pedro Ximenez, 5% Moscatel de Alejandría)
2013 Torroja (50% Garnacia, 50% Carinena)
2011 Pedra de Guit (Garnacia Blanca, Macabeo, Pedro Ximenez)
2012 Dits del Terra (100% Carinena)
2011 Les Manyes (100% Garnacia)

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Rhubarb tart, black pepper ice cream with mugwort sauce. I loved the black pepper ice cream!

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Me and Etsuko. Thank you so much for the wonderful time.