Sunday, June 4, 2017

Back in Japan (May 2017)...First night sushi

I had another trip back to Japan last week.

 photo IMG_6730_zpsmcazgp6q.jpg  photo IMG_6739_zpspme1znmx.jpg  photo UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3129b_zps5yxql6du.jpg  photo UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_311b7_zpsbeffmiwy.jpg  photo IMG_0070_zpsrfhzis4u.jpg
I took ANA fight. I liked the braised mackerel in soy ginger sauce.

 photo IMG_6760_zps8msd3dbh.jpg  photo IMG_6764_zpsahd5yo5u.jpg
Back in Urawa. Dinner at a local sushi restaurant with my sister, Tomoko. The wild-caught oyster from Wakayama was so huge and so good.

 photo IMG_6765_zpsy8ji8wtm.jpg  photo IMG_6767_zpsw7hbfl93.jpg  photo IMG_6769_zpsqd89pwcw.jpg
Sake, tako, massive shirako...feeling good to be back home as always.

 photo IMG_6772_zpsgwsnwpaj.jpg  photo IMG_6773_zpsgkfcl66v.jpg  photo IMG_6775_zpsly8tbqzd.jpg
I think I had almost 20 pieces of sushi. It was so hard to stop.