Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Back in Japan (May 2017)...Local eats

This time, because we had a lot of family stuff to take care of, I spent a lot of time with Tomoko in Urawa. I love the neighborhood and it has a nice gourmet scenes.

 photo IMG_6926_zpsyvbli70z.jpg
Our "go to" soba place. On a warm day, I enjoy their cold bukkake soba with grated mountain yam.

 photo IMG_6913_zpsscabzjjy.jpg  photo IMG_6914_zpsjueifxqq.jpg  photo IMG_6915_zpsw6xntszc.jpg  photo IMG_6917_zpshg4lhj6t.jpg  photo IMG_6918_zpspveiszkv.jpg
A cute bistro is within a walking distance from my sister's home. I loved the octopus ragout spaghetti.

 photo IMG_0128_zpsu8jgdsw5.jpg  photo IMG_0130_zpsz1spnrlt.jpg
A new soba and duck izakaya.

 photo IMG_0129_zps0nszw1sx.jpg  photo IMG_0131_zpsmhtgkfvx.jpg
We had small dishes to share.

 photo IMG_0134_zpsgwvmnzqg.jpg  photo IMG_0135_zpsegvqrahh.jpg
All so tasty. I loved the miso bagna cauda sauce for the steamed vegetables. The grilled Saikyo-miso marinated oysters were so huge and so plump.

 photo IMG_6895_zpsgw79cz9n.jpg  photo IMG_0132_zpswspr6wuo.jpg
Duck was slow roasted and so tender. It went really well with 2015 Argano Clan by Katsunuma Jozo in Yamanashi. It was a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat Bailey A.

 photo IMG_6902_zpsvhkp5md0.jpg  photo IMG_6906_zpsb2ow9xvj.jpg
Soba time. I grated the wasabi for everybody. I had cold soba with walnut dipping sauce. It was so good. Wataru turned 16 in May. He's still growing taller!