Saturday, April 15, 2017

Back in Japan...Local Sushi Night

My stay was only for a week this time, so it went so fast.

 photo IMG_0048_zpsyh9xjzjh.jpg  photo IMG_0043_zpsm0sh6crz.jpg
On a final night, we went to a local sushi restaurant.

 photo IMG_0042_zpsnbi8nej2.jpg
I was ready to pound!

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Grilled young bamboo was served with miso and shaved katsuobushi. Hokkaido uni was so sweet.

 photo IMG_0045_zpszesqns6j.jpg  photo IMG_0044_zpsbaeaj9tm.jpg
Extra-large Hokkaido scallop was shelled, chopped. and quick-simmered with sake and butter in its own shell. It was super good. Oysters from Saga were so huge and packed with flavors.

 photo IMG_0055_zps7bbwmymu.jpg  photo IMG_0057_zps6jluijam.jpg
Then, I think I had more than 15 pieces of sushi! Between tomoko and I, we had 5 flasks of sake.

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The next day, I flew back to LA. I had Japanse meal in the flight again.

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Back in LA, my usual unpacking ritual. This time, I brought back some old albums.