Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trip to Australia (Gold Coast - January 2016)...Crazay about KOALA!

Naoko, Jason, and a cute koala

It was Saturday, so Jason had a full day off to hang out with me.

 photo IMG_6301_zps3tcd3zrc.jpg
I prepared simple breakfast. I love that his hotel room has kitchen and dining.

We drove to Crrumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which is about 30 minutes from Surfers Paradise. I was so excited to see the real koalas and other local animals unique to this region and continent.

 photo IMG_6309_zpsznvbjhod.jpg
As son as we enter the park, there were koalas!! The first area was all sleepy koalas. They are just so cute.

 photo IMG_6315_zpssytmlrcn.jpg  photo IMG_6321_zpszmycezcq.jpg  photo IMG_6323_zpsc2tepki0.jpg
Then, more koalas. Too cute.

Oh my God...

 photo IMG_6336_zpszc5lrocv.jpg
I got to hold a koala with Jason! I really wanted to adopt her. She was so fuzzy and just so cute. Super cute. Why are koalas so cute?? I was so happy.

After the cute koalas, we walked around to see so many animals in the park.

 photo IMG_6348_zpseqhbjsns.jpg  photo IMG_6359_zpsbullib5g.jpg
Kangaroos were everywhere. They are not shy at all.

 photo IMG_6363_zpsco6eji3z.jpg  photo IMG_6368_zpsc3bb8gga.jpg
So cute.

For dinner, we went to Sparrow Eating House in Nobby Beach.

 photo IMG_6421_zps81hvntiz.jpg  photo IMG_6394_zpsv2fmyeso.jpg  photo IMG_6408_zps3lzoocdo.jpg
This is a moder Australian restaurant in a laid-back beach town. It was Saturday night and the place was very busy with seemingly all local crowd. We could manage to book two seats at a bar counter.

 photo IMG_6392_zpsjmaa5fwn.jpg  photo IMG_6377_zps0cwtz4lg.jpg  photo IMG_6384_zpsdh5jntio.jpg
Their wine list has all Australian wines, too. So, I enjoyed a different varieties by the glass.

 photo IMG_6379_zpsz8wrgjvu.jpg  photo IMG_6456_zpsci6fxp6i.jpg
Fried calamari with harris mayo.
Confit Tetsuya's ocean trout with citrus, pomegranate & edamame salad.
Great start of the night. The calamari was so meaty and flavorful. The ocean trout was really gorgeous.

 photo IMG_6385_zpslnpkcsxy.jpg  photo IMG_6389_zpsa9egrqnv.jpg
Scallops with pickled ginger, wasabi caviar & Japanese mayo.
Cold rare beef fillet, whipped horseradish butter, white truffle oil & sourdough bread.
Very good!

 photo IMG_6411_zpseflj4ezp.jpg  photo IMG_6413_zpslqynydt4.jpg
Slow roasted pork shoulder with crackling, roasted kipflers potatoes, greens, pancetta & goats cheese.
Strawberry lime jelly with coconut lebnah, fresh berries & sesame praline, broken meringue.

Everything was great. It was a wonderful experience of modern Aussie scene in Gold Coast.