Friday, January 29, 2016

Trip to Australia (Gold Coast - January 2016)...I cooked Kangaroo!

Work day!

I had so much work to I spent almost a whole day in the hotel.

 photo IMG_6565_zpshoyxd1fy.jpg
But, it was still a nice change of environment compared to working at home, as I am lucky to stay in a very nice suite with the gorgeous ocean view from every room (including one of the bathrooms)!

 photo IMG_6549_zps3cdhuvk7.jpg  photo IMG_6561_zpsot6jhzwu.jpg
Kitchen, dining, and living room.

 photo IMG_6556_zpsfpf3minp.jpg  photo IMG_6553_zpsntget9vd.jpg
Bed rooms.

 photo IMG_6562_zpsrhfanabi.jpg  photo IMG_6558_zpsiwxwjpuf.jpg  photo IMG_6559_zpspfxgc1kp.jpg  photo IMG_6557_zpsyj92og5r.jpg
Balcony is so long and the view is amazing.

 photo IMG_6503_zpscrccywyk.jpg  photo IMG_6498_zpsl4l2ykke.jpg
For lunch, I stepped outside to check out a place right by the hotel. It's a kebab take out (they say "take away" there) place. There are so many kebab shops in Gold Coast...kebabs are so popular here! Also, they normally refer to a pita wrap when they just say "kebab". I ordered mixed kebab (lamb and chicken). I loved that once he toast the pita bread before wrapping the fillings.

 photo IMG_6505_zpsj3b9458g.jpg
My very first kebab wrap was so tasty! I requested tahini sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese along with the meat in the filling. The wrap itself seemed deceivingly pretty compact, but it was actually really packed and very filling. Wow, I had a food coma after I finished the whole thing.

 photo IMG_6508_zps2tgztoni.jpg
Late in the afternoon, I went out again for grocery shopping and picked up a package of kangaro meat! Jason came home early enough to have dinner together.

 photo IMG_6510_zpsjhafumdq.jpg  photo IMG_6514_zps67vpdujy.jpg
So, I cooked kangaroo for the first time. I have eaten it when I visited Australia many years ago, but had never cooked it. I seasoned the meat with dukkah (Egyptian nut and spice blend - very popular in Australia) then grilled to medium rare. The meat came out very good. It was lean and tasty.

I enjoyed cozy Aussie night in our hotel.