Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chef's Table Dinner at Otium

Donabe feast! (Photo by Asami)

I've been so busy past weeks but I can finally post this report about the amazing dinner I had last last month.

My husband, Jason, was back home from Hawaii for 12 days during the holiday season. He was going to leave again for Australia for a couple of month in January. So, during his short stay back in LA, we just wanted to stay in the city and enjoy home cooking and local dining.

Our friends, Asami & Steve, were also back in LA for a short time (they live in Nagoya, Japan now), so we got together to have dinner at Otium, in Downtown LA. I was so excited to taste Chef Timothy Hollingsworth's special dishes again.

 photo IMG_6035_zpswjboseth.jpg
We were seated at the chef's table right by the open kitchen, and the special night began.

 photo IMG_6028_zpslxpzlsev.jpg  photo IMG_6027_zpsvhr4nuor.jpg
Butternut Squash/ Ricotta/ Coffee/ Pepitas
Little Gem Lettuce/ Bottarga Vinaigrette
Great beginnings.

 photo IMG_6038_zpszcteyz8t.jpg  photo IMG_6062_zpsh1gt4keg.jpg
Polenta/ Black Truffle/ Hen Egg
Rich, savory, and beautiful texture.

 photo IMG_6074_zps1y2sm5ad.jpg  photo IMG_6077_zps9qktajm6.jpg  photo IMG_6080_zpsc1fm5rhz.jpg  photo IMG_6087_zpskirsiai4.jpg
Prawn/ Eggplant/ Pineapple/ Green Curry
This was my first time to taste a dish made with donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe", by the chef! On top of the grate was grilled and steamed prawns and pineapple, and once the grate was removed, in the bottom was muscles in green curry. How creative the dish was! And it was so spicy and delicious.

 photo IMG_6033_zpseqkn6i9r.jpg  photo IMG_6088_zpstmhqavy7.jpg  photo IMG_6090_zpsinn19o8j.jpg  photo IMG_6093_zpsqvzq1kfr.jpg  photo IMG_6095_zpslm0rabhm.jpg
Hamachi/ Rice/ Bok Choy/ Caramelized Garlic
The rice was cooked in double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san"over charcoal grill. Hamachi kama was nicely fatty and so flavorful.

 photo IMG_6126_zpsrbymppsx.jpg  photo IMG_6141_zpsec69wwxn.jpg
Somoked Duck/ Turnip/ Pear/ Hazelnut
Yes, this dish was made in donabe smoker, Ibushi Gin! The aroma when the lid was removed was gorgeous. The meat was perfectly cooked and smoky.

 photo IMG_6144_zps9yc9hymz.jpg  photo IMG_6149_zpsvqi93oqg.jpg
Persimmon Pudding/ Ricotta/ Pistachio/ Truffle
Yes, with white truffles shaved over the persimmon. I thought I was already so full, but the dessert was too good to resist.

We had an incredible time together over amazing dishes and wine. I love Otium so much and it was an unforgettable dinner.

Happy donabe life.