Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trip to Australia (Gold Coast - January 2016)...Arrival 150-day dry-aged Aussie steak!

150-day dry aged Aussie beef

My first travel of the year is Australia.

My husband, Jason, has been in Gold Coast, Australia on a project since early January and will be there until late February. So, I had a good excuse to come visit the beautiful region in down under.

After 15-hr flight from LAX to Sydney, then additional 1.5-hr flight from Sydney, I finally arrived in Brisbane. It's in the hight of summer in Australia right now, and it was very sunny and warm when I got there.

Jason sent a driver to pick me up at the airport. The driver, Eric, was waiting for me at the exit and we left the airport before noon.

Because I was so busy before I left LA and knew there was a driver coming to pick me up and take me to the hotel Jason is staying, I didn't do any research of the area at all. In fact, I thought Jason was staying in Brisbane. Then, after Eric picked me up, I found out he was taking me to Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast. It's about 1 hour drive from Brisbane. Until he told me, I didn't even know that Surfers Paradise was an actual name of the land!

 photo IMG_6257_zpsiwim1zq0.jpg
In any case, I arrived in the hotel safely, and here's the view from the room!

 photo IMG_6258_zpsevg8d1gh.jpg
I walked around the are a little bit. The beach is beautiful.

 photo IMG_6260_zpspbgdzghk.jpg
Organic Aussie eggs are smily.

 photo IMG_6281_zpslmvp5tbb.jpg
I felt I was so welcomed here. I want to enjoy Aussie summer!

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Jason texted me and said he won't be back to the hotel early enough for dinner, so I decided to check out the restaurant at the hotel. Started with beautiful Sydney oysters and Aussie sparkling wine.

 photo IMG_6272_zpsn3gtyekk.jpg
Seared scallops, curried puy lentils, apple slaw.

 photo IMG_6288_zpsrkzjolzs.jpg  photo IMG_6278_zpsodxpodaw.jpg
Jacks Creed 150-day aged scotch fillet. I asked for rare and it came out perfectly. The flavor was quite extraordinary and packed with umami. Wow...I finished the whole 300 g (10 oz) piece in a short time.