Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back in Japan (Jan 2015)...Onsen time in Snowy Myoko, Niigata

Locally caught Nodoguro fish shabu shabu

Just a few days after coming back from Hawaii to LA, I packed again to go back to Japan. I've been traveling so much that I'm losing sense of time now.

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The next day, I was already on my way to Myoko, Niigata. My friend, Akiko, and I traveled together to Nagaoka, Niigata, last year together. This year, we decided to come to Myoko, another heavy snowy region. After a shinkansen and local train rides, we were there. We checked in at a historic hotel there. Our room had a great view of ski slope right in front of us! It was fun to watch the experienced skiers and snow boarders from the room.

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I instantly fell in love with this resort. The hotel was originally built in 1937. After several remodelings, they still maintain the beautiful classic style.

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Their classic fruit cakes are very famous. They also bake artisan bread and pastries every day on the premises.

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The snow was falling non-stop. We enjoyed relaxing onsen (hot spring) time outdoor. After the onsen, Fino Sherry tasted very nice at the bar.

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Dinner was a kaiseki (traditional Japanese seasonal course meal) with local ingredients.

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Myoko is a short drive from the Sea of Japan coast, so the dinner was full of fresh catches of the winter seafood from there.

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Nodoguro fish shabu shabu was amazing!! The fish was perfectly fatty and I cooked it to rare to enjoy.

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And, of course, local Koshihikari rice and a lot of local sake! It was such an outstanding meal.

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The next day, as soon as we woke up, we enjoyed morning onsen. The view from the outdoor bath was breathtaking. It was another very snowy day.

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Then, we had breakfast with the great snow view. I loved the yuba (tofu skin) hot pot with soy milk, and local koshihikari porridge.