Saturday, February 7, 2015

Back in Japan (February 2015)...Relaxation in Hakone

Time to relax in Hakone

A day after coming back from snowy Niigata, I packed again and went on another trip. This time, to our regular resort in Hakone.

 photo IMG_8015_zpsxh2h889t.jpg
Because we were worried about the snow, we decided to take a train this time. It's just a little over 1 hour from Tokyo to Odawara. After nice soba lunch, we were picked up by the resort's shuttle.

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It took about 40 minutes from Odawara to the resort. The resort is in Gora district of Hakone, and it's a historic retreat area in the mountain. From our room, we can see a big Chinese character, "大" (meaning "big" or "great") in the mountain. Every summer, in the "Daimonji-yaki" Festival, torches are lit to form this character. So, that's what's left after the festival. Contrary to our worry, it was a beautiful sunny day in Hakone, and we found only a little residue of the snow on the ground.

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After the relaxing onsen (hot spring) time, we enjoyed aperitif time with Champagne and raclette in their lounge.

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We enjoyed dinner and more relaxation. My nephew, Wataru, is now taller than me! He is turning 14 this May.

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The next morning was another gorgeous day. I alway look forward to their breakfast including freshly baked bread and pastries. Can't wait to come back next time.