Thursday, February 12, 2015

Back in Japan (February 2015)...Family time, then back to LA

Regular amount(?) of shopping

As always, I also enjoyed some local dining.

 photo IMG_8336_zpswfzedfgk.jpg  photo IMG_8337_zpsfraszzxf.jpg
There is an extremely popular hole-in-the-wall ramen joint near my mom's place. People make a long line to get in there. Their very rustic ramen is always very good. Then, at another Chinese (but a little more sophisticated) place, I like to order shrimp in chili sauce whenever I go there. The shrimp are so big and plump.

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My mom turned 75! So, we had a birthday dinner for her at her favorite bistro near home.

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It was a short but productive stay back in Japan this time. Before I headed to the airport, we had tempura lunch together. My nephew, Wataru, was so bummed that I had never watched Heroes 6 movie, as he was crazy about the movie. (He said, "I can't believe you live in America and you've never watched the movie!"). Then, I found it in the returning flight's on-demand movies. So, I chose it, of course, and enjoyed it!