Friday, February 15, 2013

Back in Tokyo (February 2013)...Father's Memorial

I've been back in Tokyo since last week.
Yes, it's been quite cold, but I always enjoy winter food in Japan, so coming back home in the winter season is always a treat to me.

The main purpose of this trip back home was for my father's 7th year passing memorial. Today (February 15) is the 6-year anniversary (or we count it 7th year in Buddhist tradition) of his passing, and it's one of the significant Buddhist years. So, I really wanted to be here for the ceremony.

At the memorial ceremony last week, the Buddhist monk who offered prayers explained there is no food or drink in Buddhist heaven, where my father belongs. I didn't know! And, that's why we (who are left in this secular world) give offerings to an alter of the deceased, ideally every day. Afterlife in Buddhism is not very easy...he had to go through harsh apprenticeship after 49th day of the death, then afterlife with no food or drink...tough!

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We had a toast for my father at a sushi restaurant afterwards. Seasonal Madai snapper, saba, miru-gai, and chu-toro sashimi plate was really nice.

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Seasonal fresh shira-uo (baby white fish) sushi was especially great. Thank you for always looking after the family, Papa.