Sunday, September 18, 2011

October donabe cooking classes!

After crazy-paced past few months, we are pleased to announce that we are secured to host a couple of dates in October.

October 1 (Sat) Starts at 11.00 am
Homemade Tofu Making

This popular class is back by high demand! We will make fresh square tofu from very scratch (with soybeans) and healthy tofu dishes with donabe.

October 8 (Sat) Starts at 11.00 am
Kamado-san cooking class at Tortoise General Store

We will come to Tortoise General Store in Venice! You will learn and taste two donabe rice dishes and two "okazu" side dishes, which are among the most popular items from our past cooking classes.

Please check out our website for sign-up info and more details.

Happy donabe life.