Thursday, September 22, 2011

Donabe-smoked chicken drummettes time!

One of my favorite ingredients for donabe smoking is chicken drummettes.
So, I picked up some Jidori Chicken drummettes from McCall's Meat and Fish. The quality of their meat is always top notch.

With the Donabe Smoker, "Ibushi Gin", I can make premium-quality smoked dishes in such a short time. It's a smokeless donabe, and so easy to use!

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First, I put a small handful of wood chips (this time, I used hickory) in the bottom of the donabe. Then, I laid chicken drummettes, which were seasoned simply with salt & pepper and rested overnight on the bottom two layers of grates. In order to maximizing the smoking effect, it's good to wipe off any excess moisture with paper towel before putting the chicken on the grates. On the top grate, I put soft-boiled eggs and Swiss cheese.

Donabe was set over high-heat on gas stove-top for 15-17 minutes total. Then, after turning off the heat, it was rested for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, with the intense carry-over heat, the ingredients were continued to be heat-smoked.

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My easy smoked chicken was ready! Eggs and cheese looked very nice, too.

Sooo delicious! I couldn't stop eating.

Happy donabe life.