Saturday, September 24, 2011

Donabe microwave one dish supper

On one night, I was so busy doing tons of prep cooking for the following day. By the time it was dinnertime, I was too tired to spend time to cook a meal. For the kind of situation, my handy Microwavable Steam Roaster, "Tochinsai", becomes a real savior.

I took a piece of frozen udon (1 serving) and just microwaved it in Tochinsai (without the grate) for 3.5 minutes (700-watt). Even frozen udon cooks so nicely with Tochinsai! Then, I had leftover sauteed mushrooms, so I tossed the udon with them. The dish was garnished with generous amount of mix herbs (chopped mitsuba, scallion, and shiso leaves) and drizzled with some homemade chunky la-yu (hot oil) and squeezed lime juice.

The dish was so tasty that it revived my energy level!

Happy donabe life.