Monday, August 8, 2011

Playa's bluecorn muffins

I was so blown away by the Bluecorn Muffins (available during weekend brunch) at restaurant Playa in Mid-City the other weekend. Made from Anson Farms organic blue cornmeal, and served with almond butter, these freshly-baked muffins are crusty outside and very moist (and walm) inside. They are not too sweet and just so tasty. How lovely!

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Not just for dinner, I thought Playa is such a nice brunch spot. It's so relaxing and the food is very good. May tamal was made of cracked corn masa with pulled pork filling and topped with sunny-side up eggs (perfectly runny yolk). Jason had Huevos Polenta.

I also liked their original cocktail, The Grail (12-year apple brandy, malbec, pressed lady apple, etc.)

Maybe panqueques next time?