Friday, August 26, 2011

NYC dining...lunch at Baoguette

It was already Day 8 in New York and I was going to take 4pm flight from JFK to LAX.

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Before I left town, I met with a friend of mine in Meat Packing District for early lunch. It was a beautiful day in New York.

We walked from his office to a local Vietnamese place called, Baoguette.

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They are known to make really good banh mi. My friend had a classic-style. Summer rolls were quite filling.

I had Bu'n Fish (Turmeric dill fish on vermicelli). It was very nice with Tiger Beer.
We had a nice chat and nice time.

After I got to the airport and boarded on the plane, my flight was delayed due to storm in somewhere in East Coast. The delay ended up to be 4 hours, so I spent total 10 hours in the plane until I finally arrived at LAX around 11pm! I went to New York 4 times in the past 10 months and it was the second time such a thing happened to me...

But, I still came back with many wonderful memories.