Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Hainanese Chicken in America?!

I can't get enough of this...Hainanese chicken from The Spice Table in Little Tokyo. The chicken falls apart by a soft push with fork, and the rice is so fluffy and savory.

Their fuzzy squash dish is very nice, too.

Also, earlier in the day, I had another nice lunch at Chimu Peruvian Soul Food at the outside patio of Grand Central Market. It's a little take-out place serving serious food. It was almost 2 pm when we got there. I really wanted to try their fish of the day but I was told it was already sold out. I think the chef could hear my big gasp from the kitchen.

So, I ordered one of their chicken dishes instead. It was chicken with curry-like sauce, with rice, and it was so delicious!

Then, a waiter came to our table and brought a little dish. He said the chef put together a "sample" black cod dish with the leftover pieces of the fish for us. How sweet of him to do that, and how beautiful it was! And, the taste was seriously good. We had such a nice lunch.