Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Donabe Products Have Arrived!

Great news...

We just received the shipment of new donabe products from Iga, Japan! Yes, they flew all the way across the Pacific Ocean.

The crate is quite huge. And, guess what, our storage is 40 steps from the bottom of the stairs.

I was just so happy to see them. I could smell Iga inside of the crate. We did the very careful inspection of each item all day today. Everything was in the perfectly sound condition.

The new products are...Donabe Steamer (black and white), Donabe Smoker, and Iga-yaki ceramic grill. I've been working very hard to update toiro's website with the new products information, etc. right now. They are scheduled to be available on toiro's website by this weekend, so please stay tuned!