Thursday, June 9, 2016

Back in Japan...Tempura lunch to Kappo dinner

Donabe rice dish at Sudachi

On a sunny day, I had lunch with my sister, Tomoko, at Tempura Kondo in Ginza.

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Since the restaurant was awarded with Michelin stars, it has become very difficult to make reservation at this restaurant past years, so Tomoko had to call them a month in advance to book seats. We had their seasonal course menu, starting with shrimp!

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Extra thick asparagus, eggplant, kisu (whiting) fish, young corn.

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Megochi (flathead) fish, onion, anago (freshwater eel), and satsuma-imo (Japanese sweet potato). Their tempura quality is really top notch!

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Then, for dinner, I went to Sudachi in Minami-Aoyama. I met Sang and Freddy, who are both friends in LA. They happened to be visiting Tokyo the same week, so we got together. I was excited to introduce them to this restaurant I like so much. The first dish was uni and crab in ao-nori seaweed gelee and okra. Fantastic.

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Lotus root dumpling filled with shrimp in a light broth with junsai. Grilled baby au fish.

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Sushi time. Squid, nodoguro, and katsuo (bonito)!

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Tuna tartare, soft "onsen" quail egg, mountain yam noodles and shaved black truffles. Seasonal Edo-mae anago (freshwater eel from Tokyo Bay) was lightly grilled only on the skin side for just 5 seconds or so. Each piece was placed delicately on top of the hot charcoal. Then, they were served with wasabi and cucumber). Truly amazing dish.

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Beef with winter melon, fushimi pepper, and myoga sauce. Kinme-dai fish in mini donabe.

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Rice course was peas and yukari (dried pickled shiso) rice, cooked in donabe. It was perfect.

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And, more sake.

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Dessert courses were white coffee blanc mange and warabi mochi, served with freshly whisked matcha.

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The dinner was really amazing, and I had a wonderful time with Sang and Freddy. Thank you so much and happy donabe life! (Last two photos above were taken by Sang:-)