Friday, June 3, 2016

Back in Japan (May 2016)...Sentimental Sushi

Lightly broiled hokki-gai (surf clam) sushi

It was not even a whole month since I returned from Japan to LA last time, and I was back in Japan again.

This time, I was back for my mom's burial. In Buddhist practice, a deceased person's spirit will arrive in another world (hopefully heaven) in the 49th day of the death. In our custom, the 49th day memorial service should be conducted on or before the 49th day and never after. So, my sister Tomoko and her family, mom's younger sister, and I had the memorial and the burial ceremony. A Buddhist monk arrived and he conducted the service. It was a very sunny and warm day, and the service went  solemnly in front of the family grave. I saw our mom's urn joining our dad and brother's urns.

 photo IMG_0548_zpsxvgjflvx.jpg  photo IMG_0549_zps2czxqaqz.jpg
In the evening, we went out to a local sushi restaurant in Urawa. This is our regular spot and we used to go there with mom all the time. So, we had our memorial sushi dinner to celebrate mom's spirit.

 photo IMG_0550_zpspufmt1tw.jpg  photo IMG_0552_zps4jrbu5wh.jpg  photo IMG_0553_zpsxplltmtq.jpg
Grilled hamaguri clam was so meaty and nice.

 photo IMG_0555_zpsz2vuvyum.jpg  photo IMG_0556_zpsouhzatus.jpg  photo IMG_0557_zpsz0d8v9ug.jpg  photo IMG_0558_zpstzjszl2u.jpg  photo IMG_0560_zpszzpalpmm.jpg  photo IMG_0561_zpssgrat0si.jpg  photo IMG_0562_zpsm0vwqbeh.jpg  photo IMG_0563_zps0urtaeuw.jpg
We talked about mom and laughed a lot, then we talked about how much we missed her and all our eye got teary. Meanwhile, we all ate a lot of sushi.

Mom's spirit was with us. Thank you, mom.