Monday, June 6, 2016

Back in Japan (May 2016)...Happy Donabe Night

During the day, I got together with Koroko and Rie in Omotesando.

 photo IMG_0602_zpscxaa3c3l.jpg  photo IMG_0601_zpspuuhzwi4.jpg
We went to the same high school and university together. We met at a restaurant right by our school for lunch and had a great time.

 photo IMG_0604_zpszf18k2vk.jpg
Then, I met my ex-boss, Masaaki, and colleagues from EMI at Masaaki's office in Shibuya. We chatted and laughed so much just like the old times.

Dinner was with Nagatani family members in Tokyo at Akiyo and Takahiro's home.

 photo IMG_0607_zpse3nqpohj.jpg
Takahiro is a home cook, yet his talent and skills are at real professional level. Every time I'm invited to their home, I am always so excited to try everything he cooks.

 photo IMG_0605_zpstwo94w2g.jpg  photo IMG_0609_zps0wapmqty.jpg  photo IMG_0611_zpsmwlva3kj.jpg  photo IMG_0614_zps9ccbluf6.jpg  photo IMG_0615_zpsu11syasl.jpg  photo IMG_0616_zpsq4kyrnfx.jpg cucumbers with miso dipping sauces, woodear mushroom salad, watercress namul, shin-tamanegi (fresh seasonal onion) with bonito flakes, spring cabbage and myoga (ginger bud) in olive oil. I could eat these dishes every day!

 photo IMG_0631_zpsfcefzy5f.jpg  photo IMG_0662_zpsb8bchmh2.jpg
The main donabe course was Gyu-suji Nabe (beef tendon hot pot). The broth was from cooking the beef tendon, combined with katsuo (bonito) dashi. It was so rich and delicious. The tendon was so tender.

 photo IMG_0640_zpsapaw1vqn.jpg  photo IMG_0658_zpsh7h8dir0.jpg
After another round of beef (so good!), he cooked Nagasaki champon noodles (deep fried ramen) in the remaining broth. What a great meal with the wonderful friends.

Happy donabe life.