Sunday, May 1, 2016

Back in Japan (April 2016)...Local dining in Urawa

This time, my stay was only for a week and I spent most of my time in Urawa neighborhood. That's where my family homes (mom's and Tomoko's) are located.

As I've written many times before, Urawa is an old town with a lot of good restaurants. Unagi (eel) is especially famous.

 photo IMG_0172_zpsxb8uwlw5.jpg
Lunch at Masuya, small lunch-only Una-ju (charcoal grilled eel over rice) and Una-maki (rolled eel stuffed omelet). So good.

 photo IMG_0155_zpspiu17mwl.jpg  photo IMG_0344_zpsvovk14gm.jpg
Soba and soba. Every soba restaurant has its own soba style.

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Famous Tori Soba at Issa. I'm normally not very into ramen, but this one wowed me!

 photo IMG_0303_zpsjt3wcqpd.jpg
Then, my ramen switch got turned on. I also got to try Urawa location of Ginza Kagari. I later learned that this ramen place is also picked up by Michelin guide. It was very good.

 photo IMG_0306_zpsfrolgf48.jpg  photo IMG_0332_zps5s5pauds.jpg  photo IMG_0334_zpsr51lkkcv.jpg  photo IMG_0337_zpsgbfxiabm.jpg  photo IMG_0339_zps7tgcrxkz.jpg  photo IMG_0341_zpsa8mo7tri.jpg
This hidden yakitori place in the middle of the residential area is called Bettei Torisei.

 photo IMG_0234_zpsk1ygniqw.jpg  photo IMG_0237_zps7vx9j30k.jpg  photo IMG_0251_zpsmsnpd08g.jpg  photo IMG_0253_zpswgevhgi6.jpg  photo IMG_0254_zpst4va41lv.jpg  photo IMG_0256_zpsjtb9gwj3.jpg  photo IMG_0257_zpshvnczmim.jpg
Our regular sushi spot, Ninomiya.

Every place we went, Tomoko and I were mostly talking about how much we miss Mom...